About Us

AudioOne is a manufacturer, distributor and sales agent of select musical instruments and professional audio gear. Since 1998 we've worked with our dealer network to help them build their sales volume and product offering.

To the Dealer, AudioOne brings the market's best products with a focus on quality, technical advantage, profit potential and ground breaking design. We back this with competitive pricing, inventory, supply chain management and prompt technical support.

At the same time, AudioOne has developed a solid relationship with a number of global manufacturers to amplify the profile of their brands across Canada and the United States.

Manufacturers value our careful stewardship of their brands as a result our support, promotion of brand strategy and dedication to helping them expand market share.

At AudioOne we're constantly looking for new and exciting products that feed the passion of today's musician, provide better solutions, offer fresh sounds and renew artistic inspiration.




AudioOne is a strategic business partner for Musical Instrument retailers, whose success depends on the ability to offer the right music gear, at the right price. This takes passion, precision and knowledge - AudioOne has all three.

Because we're also musicians, we know how to select product lines that excite your customers' passion for creating music - and we love nothing more than discovering the next big thing. Precision in supply chain management, an efficient distribution infrastructure, exceptional service and a quick response time means you always have the gear you need, when you need it.

The bottom line? To amplify your business with the best brands and exceptional customer service and get plugged in.




Growing internationally requires an intelligent partner that treats your brand and your business with respect. That partner is AudioOne.

We offer complete market coverage strategically throughout Canada. We represent your products with the knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism it takes to capture Dealer attention. Our centralized corporate headquarters in Toronto, Canada will synchronize its efforts on your behalf to guarantee frequent and effective sales calls. We also provide the market knowledge you need to create intelligent strategies to turn up the volume on your brands with:

  • Unrivalled experience and market intelligence
  • Exceptional inventory and supply chain management
  • National service centre network for selected brands
  • Professional marketing and communications
  • Prompt, dependable Dealer support

Need we say more? If you are a manufacturer and are searching for intelligent distribution in North America, please Contact us (…send to sales@audioone.ca).